We’re excited to announce that PimpShuei will officially re-open to the public from Wednesday 14/3/18, after a 5 months hiatus during which we’ve dealt with loads of unexpected issues within our venue and had to undergo extensive repair works.

Being unable to trade for that long was a massive blow and nearly fatal to our small business therefore we need your continued support now more than ever.

We still have loads of little things to fix, and we’re also making a few changes and improvements to the place.

We know you’ve missed us, and we’ve seriously missed you lot too! So let’s catch up soon! We’ll be looking forward to seeing a lot of you regulars and friends at the bar over the coming weeks and months. This is really key. Only with your help can we make it successful again!!!

Just pop down whenever to say hello. We’re pumped up and we promise you better and even crazier times than before…

Long live PimpShuei!!!


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